Our Management Team

Core Values

We believe that

  • Success is based on relationship, attitude and reputation
  • Relationships require commitment, integrity and perspiration
  • Relationship are with people, not companies
  • Relationships are judged on actions rather than intentions
  • Trust is the greatest indicator of value
  • Value can be lost faster than it can be built

We believe that

  • Creativity is always in demand
  • Imitation is a lack of creativity
  • Opportunities are created, not found
  • Momentum is a measure of commitment
  • Opportunities are what you make of them
  • Opportunities can be lost faster than they can be created

We believe that

  • Vision without resources is hallucination
  • Time is the only irreplaceable resource
  • Resource allocation determines execution
  • Execution determines reputation
  • Reputation controls brand identity, brand integrity and brand value
  • Brand Management drives business

We believe in Fairness

We believe in Integrity

We believe in Trust

We believe in FIT

  • We are a FIT organization
  • FIT to manage our client and customer relationship
  • FIT to manage our own growth, personally, professionally and collectively
  • Our FITNESS guides and directs our client’s and customer’s FITNESS

Noteworthy Achievements

  • First agency to begin representing software developers and intellectual property owners/brands to publishers of interactive entertainment- 1979.
  • Represented first Digital Copy Protection Scheme on floppy disks prior to founding of Software Publishers Association.
  • First firm to create four color box packaging in our industry, for clients Broderbund, Sierra, Atarisoft.
  • Set up first porting and conversion center in the history of the industry-Rich & Rich Imagineering team-Commadore 64, Vic 20, Coleco vision, TI994Alpha, Atari 5200.
  • Only firm to release a game on 23 systems simultaneously worldwide- Miner 2049er, the birth of worldwide interactive distribution.
  • Only agency to be chartered by a consortium of North American publishers including Sierra, Broderbund, Datamost, Big 5, to establish international distribution and select distributors in 26 European countries-U.K, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Russia, Spain, Italy, and Australia 1985-1990.
  • First agency to place a title which generated more than 1,000,000.00 in royalties to an independent developer.
  • First agency to place a seven figure development deal-Johnny Hart– Wizard of Id, Quest for Tires–Sierra Online.
  • Created first publisher Acquisition Program EPYX Wintersports for eleven publishers.
  • Agency selected to establish distribution and US publishing presence for Ubisoft, Infogrammes/Atari, Ocean, Gremlin and US Gold.
  • First agency to place western titles direct to Japan, via FROM USA label, titles distributed by Sony.
  • First Agency to place intellectual property rights for $500,000.00 and, within one year thereafter, set a record for the highest IP placement to date, 1.8 million as reported in Wall Street Journal.
  • First agency to place broadband digital rights for eight figure deal.
  • First agency to negotiate a nine figure multi-title development commitment.
  • Launched the following genres in the industry: Fight Night (first boxing franchise), Hardball (first baseball franchise), Blades of Steel (first hockey game) Law of the West (first western) Karateka (first martial arts karate game), Superman-(first comic book character based videogame) Game Workshop’s Blood Bowl (first boardgame to interactive conversion) GATO(first submarine simulation)
  • Iconic games and franchises coming from our firm include but are not limited to: Choplifter, Boulderdash, Miner 2049’er, Test Drive, Command & Conquer, Castlevania, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Seventh Guest, Wizardry, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Inspector Gadget, Bushido: Way of the Stone, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Falcon, Soldier of Fortune and Puzzle Quest
  • First agency to place an Eastern European developer with a Western publisher.
  • First agency to plan an Eastern European developer with an Asian publisher.
  • First agency to represent musical talent and audio outsourcing in the industry.
  • First seven figure IP deal in mobile entertainment.
  • First agency to do day and date strategy guide release with software-Doom II.
  • First agency to do concurrent internet and live broadcast TV programming, with eBay, broadcast.com, yahoo.
  • First strategy guide to be on Publisher’s Weekly Best Seller list and translated into nine languages.
  • First agency to secure a Ferrari as part of a developers signing fee.
  • Only agency to place a property in under ten minutes from signing representation for a seven figure deal…wish we could do that every time