Bill Anker VP Business Development and Licensing

I’ve known Ed for many years and worked closely with him from 2007-2016. Ed works incredibly hard for his clients and has a great team of people working with him at Fog Studios. He knows the video game industry from every angle and because of this knowledge and depth of experience he is able to walk the line of pushing hard for the best deal he can get for his development clients while also knowing what is important to the other party. Over the course of many negotiations Ed became a person whose opinion and insight I sought out about things unrelated to our own business together. I hope I have many more opportunities to work with Ed in the future.

Travis Fox Chief Creative Officer

For a studio trying to cut its figure in this space, FOG delivered us credibility and guidance that was critical. They became our champions on the business development front so we could focus on what we do best: designing products. They continuously delivered us those moments of opportunity and helped prepare us to enter every room with full confidence. It’s a high-character crew that leads with hard-earned wisdom.

Andrew Chan Head of Development

Ed Dille and FOG team are always a pleasure to work with. They make even the toughest business situations much easier to resolve & ensure a smooth process from the very beginning of the relationship. I do recommend FOG Studios as your partner agency, especially if you value productive & smooth long-term partnerships. Not that common a thing in our industry!

Joel Breton VP VR Content

From a publisher’s perspective, it’s super refreshing to work with an agency like FOG that puts the needs of a project first, and understands all the places where things can go off the rails from both the publisher and the developer’s perspective. Ed is the best game agent I have ever worked with and you can count on him to come up with creative and effective solutions to whatever challenges you are facing. Also, should anything unplanned occur during development, Ed and his team are there to mediate a fair and equitable solution for all parties. I can’t recommend a better solution to any independent development studio, irrespective of their level of history and experience in the industry, than working with FOG Studios.

Shams Jorjani VP Business Development

Ever present, on point and always a pleasure to talk to, Ed Dille and his team at FOG make my work much easier as publisher on the lookout for the next great game. They’re a straight shooting team – a rare trait in the industry today – that help things move forward at a steady clip.

Larry Seidman CEO

DBG has worked with FOG Studios for over 10 years on various interactive and mobile projects and collaborations. They are the best strategic partner that we have ever worked with. There’s no fog when working with FOG…… it is always a clear, sunny and beautiful day. Ed and Christi’s company team reflects their collective values and industry knowledge which adds credibility and sales ability to close deals. They take the time to learn about DBG’s needs, the brands we represent and our goals for any given initiative. I know whether they are at a mobile conference in Europe, Asia or in the USA, that DBG will be represented, positioned and discussed in the most professional and consistent manner at all times.

Ronnie Nelis CEO

Often, I regret not having met FOG earlier. They have all the contacts, all the connections, all the expertise you could ever need: And every decade they get better and better at what they do. They are the very best there are.

Jennie Sue Developer Relations

FOG Studios has time and again proven their professionalism and passion in everything they do. The team has made it a priority to pair reliable and talented developers with publishing partners for their mutual benefit. We highly value and recommend FOG studio’s insights, experience, and commitment!

Tomas Roller Producer

FOG Studios provided a focused effort to understand Volta’s needs and proposed good solutions for each situation. They are a reliable partner who tended to our needs throughout the project and beyond. Based on this experience, I highly recommend FOG and look forward to working with them again!

Steve Fawkner CEO

FOG Studios has represented my company for over a decade now. They have been instrumental in closing great deals for us, including all of the Puzzle Quest products. Ed and his team are, at the same time, both extremely professional and extremely approachable – a true pleasure to work with.