Alexandra Cicorschi Art Outsource Producer

With the increasing number of outsourcing companies worldwide, it is difficult to find the right 3rd party vendor to suit a project’s needs. FOG Studios makes the whole process easier with their expertise, knowledge and connections. With their help, our vendor selection has been a breeze and through their introduction and guidance, the communication with the new team has run smooth from day one. I would recommend them to any studio looking for the right match for a successful outsource collaboration.

Mark Meadows Principal

The FOG Studios Team came up with several outstanding development options for us in just a few days. They helped drive the right developer selection with a very open mind and they really listened to our needs….outstanding!!

Paul Comben CEO

The FOG Team are the pre-eminent representatives of interactive games developers to publishers. The length and quality of their track record can never be surpassed in the modern business world.

Akibo Shieh Founder and CEO

FOG Studios has been accommodating to our needs in finding the right titles to add to our lineup. They make great efforts in understanding our budgets and types of titles we are looking for. We intend to continue our relationship with FOG Studios as a valued partner in our process of evaluating future titles.

Wilson Kriegel VP Business Development

Ed is very knowledged in the video game sector, and brings a real passion for the industry and the opportunities it presents. He is also candid and forthcoming as an individual. I learned a lot from Ed and greatly enjoyed the opportunity of working with him. He was very important to early success of IGA Worldwide and our introduction to the industry, as a leader in In-Game Advertising.

Karen Conroe Director, Brand Management

I have always enjoyed working with Ed. He’s a straight shooter who is true to his word and he has built a team that shares the same values.

Vedran Klanac CEO

I had worked with FOG at my former company as an employee, so had seen what they could do previously. When I founded my company ten years ago, I sought them out and it has been fabulous, both personally and professionally. I continue to grow as a CEO thanks to them.

David Durcak CEO / Owner

We have been FOG Clients for eight years now. It is almost impossible to find someone more known and experienced in the game business industry than Ed. He and his team work hard not only on representing each client but also on showing them how to grow and become more efficient and competitive

Alex Neuse Co-Founder

I worked with a developer represented by Ed/FOG, and was totally impressed. I was impressed not only by Ed, but also by his clients. At one point, we had some troubles with the developer; Ed got involved, and with his help, all problems were resolved to everyone’s benefit. Ed seems interested in a win win solution for everybody. I look forward to the years ahead in which I’ll know Ed.

Andrew Lum CEO

I can’t believe how much I learned in just the first few months of working with FOG.