Since 2001 Game Connection has been the place to be for video games professionals. Each year key players from the games industry gather three times – in Europe, in the US and in Asia – to meet, do business together, connect with new industry professionals and socialize in a lively environment.

Thanks to our unique Meeting Application, exhibitors and attendees can easily research other exhibitors and attendees, book meetings and manage/finalize agendas before the event even takes place! At Game Connection attendees will have the opportunity to interact and network with more than 1800 industry professionals from all over the world and choose among several offers adapted to the needs of each company, which will allow them to promote their products, services and expertise.

In 2011 Game Connection launched a program of conferences, workshops and master classes to inspire its attendees. As part of this program, experts of arts, game design, programming, production, communication and marketing presented the latest innovation for consoles, handheld, browser games, social media, digital and mobile stores. We are continuing this program for the 2013 conferences to allow registrants to attend sessions given by experts coming from the most innovative companies in the world. All attendees can benefit from this in-depth approach to improve knowledge and skills.