LIMA – Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association

A professional organization of over 1,000. Companies and individuals engaged in the marketing of licensed properties, both as agents and as property owners; manufacturers, consultants, publications, lawyers, accountants, retailers, etc. in the licensing business. The mission of LIMA is to foster the growth and expansion of licensing. LIMA represents the interests of its membership worldwide by providing a forum for networking, serving as a source of education and information, establishing standards of ethical and professional conduct, and recognizing excellence and achievement in the industry.

LIMA supports and encourages its members to conduct themselves in an ethical manner in the course of their business dealings involving licensing properties and licensed products.A member of LIMA should respect the rights of others and should comply with all applicable local, national and international laws and regulations governing his or her business dealings. A member should make fair representation as to the nature, quality and extent of the property being offered for license or of the capabilities of the company seeking a license. Any statement not supported by fact should be identified as opinion. A member should not engage in any misleading advertising or solicitation that could lead to false or exaggerated expectations as to the member’s skills, experience or ability. A member should hold inviolate all confidences, whether written or implied.

The International Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association, Inc. (“LIMA”) is committed on behalf of its member companies to the operation of factories manufacturing licensed products in a lawful, safe, and healthful manner. It upholds the principles that no underage, forced, or prison labor* should be employed; that no one is denied a job because of gender, ethnic origin, religion, affiliation or association, and that factories comply with laws protecting the environment. Supply agreements with firms manufacturing licensed products on behalf of LIMA members should also provide for adherence to these principles.

The role of LIMA is to inform, educate, and survey its members so that individual member companies can adhere to its Code of Business Practices. As an Association, it also acts to encourage local and national governments to enforce wage and hour laws and factory health and safety laws.