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Nether attracting front page attention

In advance of Phosphor’s upcoming first-person survival adventure, Nether, they’ve received front page coverage on Gamespot, IGN, and Polygon. Look for Nether to go live on Steam at the end of October!

“I know what you’re thinking. Someone mentions a new multiplayer survival game set in a postapocalyptic world that’s overrun with subhuman creatures nipping at your heels, and your first assumption is “been there, done that.” But then a game like Nether comes along. Its mix of design philosophies, which falls somewhere between the frenetic nature of Left 4 Dead’s action and the cautious play favored by DayZ, could inject this subgenre with some new life.”

“Nether stacks up quite favorably against its survival-action contemporaries.”
“Combat feels fast and fluid. Guns have a more traditional FPS kick, and melee strikes connect predictably, and with weight.”

An interview with director and co-founder Chip Sineni. “Players… will constantly be at the mercy of their environment and its many threats.”

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