FAQ for Service Providers

Q?What are some of the keys to a successful client relationship?

Good chemistry between FOG and your management team. Reliability. You are being introduced to a network of hundreds of repeat buyers, some of whom FOG has done deals with over three decades, so you must be professional and dependable or it could negatively impact other FOG clients as well. Attitude. Most of the repeat business our clients enjoy comes from a history of good working experiences. What do your customers say about you? Are you graceful under pressure, proactively managing expectations and issues, treating your customer’s business as if it were your own? These qualities are always in demand, and rewarded accordingly.

Q?Does my studio’s location matter?

Geography is not an impediment to international business development by FOG as long as management and team leads who would be interfacing with customers can work in English. We have represented clients on six of the seven continents, and we are still waiting for that killer group to pop up from Antarctica so we can claim a clean sweep.