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Who needs professional representation?

Who doesn’t? All independent development studios and outsourcing studios, regardless of whether they are a five person studio or a two hundred person studio, are small businesses competing in a rapidly evolving 100+ Billion dollar annual global game market. FOG has negotiated over 7000 game development and outsourcing deals for our exclusive clients and customers, generating over 3 Billion in revenues for them. We are the undisputed market leader in what we do.

More than 35 years, FOG Studios has successfully represented and mentored over 500 carefully selected independent development studios, helping them build lasting and meaningful business partnerships based on integrity and trust. Our efforts on behalf of our clients have launched and sustained the careers of thousands of members of the independent game development community over the decades.

Infinite Interactive
Steve FawknerCEO

FOG Studios has represented my company for over a decade now. They have been instrumental in closing great deals for us, including all of the Puzzle Quest products. Ed and his team are, at the same time, both extremely professional and extremely approachable - a true pleasure to work with.

Our power to accelerate your business doesn’t come from knowledge as much as from reputation and relationship. We did not achieve 7000+ deals for our clients by finding 7000+ new buyers. Rather, we have built trusted relationships with many buyers over the decades who continue to use our clients for their projects, even as they move from company to company. It’s not just business in this small, incestuous industry, its personal too.

In addition to helping our clients secure great licenses to work with, funding sources for their original game ideas, and marketing/distribution partners for the products they have self-funded (as needed), we typically receive over 150 requests for proposal from buyers each year. This is where 85% or more of the revenues generated by independent game developers originate, and it is always easier to sell your studio as the right choice for a project they already want to do than it is to convince them to do a project they had not considered.

If you are the owner or co-owner of a game development studio or outsourcing studio we would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the needs of your business. You built it for a reason, and everything we do must be in support of your vision and objectives, so let’s start there.

What you can expect from FOG

  • A personal relationship based on shared concerns, goals and outcomes. Our success is based on your success
  • Proactive positioning of your goods and services to all the applicable buyers worldwide
  • 24/7 visibility of your business development pipeline via customer portal
  • Frequent opportunities to bid on projects ranging from $25k outsourcing contracts to multi-million dollar console projects
  • Market intelligence on what buyers are looking for based on relationship, not data analysis
  • Best practices on how to pitch, manage due diligence and win the business
  • Established negotiation history, more favorable terms and conditions than a boilerplate