Our Clients Want Opportunities to Win Your Business!

FOG Studios exclusively represents dozens of development and outsourcing companies worldwide. These firms retain us to do their B2B marketing, business development, contract negotiation, collections and customer service. Collectively, our clients employ over a thousand proven game development professionals who create and deliver quality products on console, handheld, mobile, and online platforms for dozens of publishers and licensors annually. Over the last decade of operations and hundreds of projects, which is as long as we have been actually tracking these metrics, FOG clients have delivered 98% of their projects in budget and 94% of their projects on time to the original scope. If you haven’t yet tapped this talent pool, we encourage you to do so.

Our objective is to make the evaluation and developer selection process as convenient and transparent as possible for you. On our client tab above you can find background information and links to supporting documentation on each client. You can take the time to review each of them if you wish and then contact any one of them directly to request a proposal on one of your projects or, you can send us the Request for Proposal and tell us which of our clients you would like to see proposals from, or you can just send the RFP and ask us to put forward proposals from those clients who are capable, available and interested in the project. The latter saves you the most time, but any of these approaches will work.

However you choose to handle the RFP solicitation, during the bid process our responsibility to each client is to review their proposal for completeness before it is submitted to you. We will be ensuring that they have clearly articulated their vision for your product, included the unique selling points/features they want to incorporate, explained their relevant expertise that can help them realize that vision, and included appropriate resource allocations and pricing so that the package you receive is actionable.

Once you have made a selection, or shortlisted one or more of our clients, our role during due diligence is basically to support and facilitate the transfer of information and materials needed to get to a final decision. We are not a layer between you and our client, we are only present to support the two of you defining what that working relationship will entail. If the chemistry of the relationship feels right to both parties and you are ready to proceed to contract, then we will be focusing on that with your business development and legal departments while our client and your producer focus on getting the development kicked off properly. All contracts are direct between you and our client.

During development, 99% of the day to day operations will be managed at the producer/client level but we are not absent. FOG is a layer of escalation and mediation when needed or requested by either party to help keep things on track with expectations. Our goal is not just to deliver the game, but to deliver a working relationship that everyone appreciates enough to move right on to the next project. Repeat business makes everyone’s life easier so that is what we always hope to foster between customers and clients.

What you can expect from FOG

  • Efficient access to tons of development resources
  • Professionals who listen to your needs and provide timely responses and appropriate solutions for your consideration
  • A steady flow of original game proposals from independent developers
  • Access to intellectual property rights and teams with experience working with high profile licensors
  • Trusted, reliable outsourcing partners
  • Potential acquisition targets