Service Providers

Your Services are Global, is your Business Development Capability Global Too?

If not, then consider joining a trusted development network that has produced thousands of titles over more than three decades. Our representation can provide the competitive advantage you need to embed your services at the inception of a project. Our network of publisher and developer buyers come to us repeatedly in search of trusted providers who can fill their needs. No job too small, no need to great, our clients create characters, vehicles, props, levels, animations, engineering support, porting and much more for every platform in every territory where games are published. Satisfied customers include Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, Activision, Electronic Arts, Sega, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers and many other publishers, plus hundreds of smaller developer studios to whom finding the right outsourcing partner can mean the difference between success and failure on any given project.

Once we have built a good relationship between a provider and a customer, we actively look for ways to expand that relationship across multiple projects and multiple years, providing each with consistency and stability which can anchor their other business activities. So if you are a publisher or developer looking for good partners, then our client’s world love an opportunity to win your business and build a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

If you are a service provider who is ready to showcase your talents competitively to the global marketplace, then we would love the opportunity to evaluate your work and to consider you as a potential client. Please contact us.

What you can expect from FOG

  • A personal relationship based on shared concerns, goals and outcomes. Our success is based on your success
  • Proactive positioning of your goods and services to all the applicable buyers worldwide
  • 24/7 visibility of your business development pipeline via customer portal
  • Frequent opportunities to bid on projects ranging from $25k outsourcing contracts to multi-million dollar console projects
  • Market intelligence on what buyers are looking for based on relationship, not data analysis
  • Best practices on how to pitch, manage due diligence and win the business
  • Established negotiation history, more favorable terms and conditions than a boilerplate