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FOG is attending GDC 2018

At GDC, we are managing acquisitions for an 80M publishing fund. We will be taking meetings all week (19th-23rd) with experienced/veteran game development studios who are seeking publishing partners for their projects. We have 6 additional project starts for 2018 (products delivering in 2018-2020) and 8 open publishing slots for 2019 (products delivering 2019-2021). Budgets...

Ed’s newest Under the Hat piece – Polishing your Pitch!

FOG CEO Ed Dille's exhaustive and immensely helpful Under The Hat blog series is back with a new entry on polishing your pitch, drawing on experience from FOG's 38 year history. The post can be found on this website under the FOG Blog tab or on Gamasutra!...

Geriatric Fight Club looking for a publishing partner

One of our talented teams is working towards giving the gaming community what they really need: a geriatric fight club game! We're looking for a publishing partner on this one, so if you would like additional information reach out to