Genres: Puzzle Game
Platforms: PC, XBLA
Publisher: Kittehface Software
Developer: Kittehface Software
Release Date: 2015-10-05
External Links: Steam, Microsoft Store, GameSpew Review, XBLA Fans Review

Anode is a fast-action sci-fi arcade puzzle game in the vein of Columns or Puzzle Fighter. Match colors and detonate long chains of blocks to earn bigger scores and useful powerup items. Anode incorporates concepts from a number of other games and introduces some of its own. Colors can match diagonally or laterally, and don’t go off until touched by a detonator — something you have control of. Set up chain reactions for a big payoff later, or play to keep your bin clear. Earn items to help clear the bin, stop your blocks from falling, or to punish your competitors!