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Kittehface Software
Title: Blast Champions
Developer: Kittehface Software
Platform: Mobile
Genre: Multiplayer Arcade
Dev stage: Concept
Dev time & budget: Request using form below

Blast Champions is a spiritual successor to the storied Bomberman franchise, created by the core team behind the most recent entry, 2010’s Bomberman Battlefest! Blast Champions brings that familiar, frantic action to a premium mobile title with new themes, character design, and gameplay features.

Compete in the Last Blast Colosseum, home to the most exciting tournament on earth: Blast Champions. Customize your character, select your starting items, and prepare to compete in an action-packed tournament of explosion-ey mayhem. Place bombs, destroy barriers, trap opponents, and blast them back to the benches! Featuring robust multiplayer game modes allowing up to 12 simultaneous players, Blast Champions’ dynamic battles are sure to satisfy players of any skill level.


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