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Frantic Freddy Bug Stomp

Genres: Tower defense
Platforms: iOS
Developer: Mission Critical Studios
Release Date: 2011-10-11
External Links: iTunes
Videos: AppEpic video review, CrazyMikesApps video review

Frantic Freddy’s mental health is in your hands. Freddy suffers from an acute case of entomophobia, a crippling fear of bugs! Unfortunately, he’s trapped in a straight jacket while they swarm all around him. If you don’t squish enough creepy crawlers Freddy will freak out! Use Freddy’s feet, and eventually his freed hands, to smash your way through 10 endless sessions, racking up combo bonuses, super roach bonuses, and more on your way to completing 43 objectives, setting high scores, and keeping Freddy on the brink of sanity.