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Genres: Puzzle Game
Platforms: PC, iOS
Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Rogue Rocket
Release Date: 2013-02-01
External Links: iTunes, Touch Arcade review, Steam

Armed with your wits and a keg of gunpowder, liberate a town’s gold from the evil Boss Grimshaw! Detonate your way through 125 levels of puzzles and blaze a gunpowder trail across the Wild West. Burn your way through each puzzle with flaming wagons, Gatling guns, cannons, mine carts, and more before cracking the safe with a cleverly placed powder keg!

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Strategic look at Gunpowder on Gamasutra, penned by Rogue Rocket co-founder Richard Sun

Rogue Rocket co-founder Richard Sun penned THIS in-depth piece for Gamasutra, outlining the trials and tribulations of bringing a high-quality premium game to iPad and, hopefully, Steam (the greenlight campaign on Steam started just a few days ago). Starting with the inception of the concept, detailing their initial meetings with Microsoft, and going all the way to the difficulties of translating positive press reviews into actual sales, the article represents a gracious peek into the processes of Rogue Rocket and the challenges facing premium mobile/PC titles.


Gunpowder review on Technology Tell

“Gunpowder challenges you on many levels, be it in planning your overall approach to vigilante vandalism or the sometimes complex execution of it all. And although making progress never gets that difficult to do, perfection can be a sometimes herculean feat. This is the hallmark of a well made puzzle game.” Gunpowder continues to rack up favorable reviews for the Rogue Rocket team, this time from technologytell.com.


Gunpowder review on Touch Arcade

Rogue Rocket’s newest offering, the iPad version of their 2013 Windows 8 release Gunpowder, received a rating of 4.5/5 today on Touch Arcade. Touch Arcade gushes “…We have the simple story of a hero trying to bring down the baddie told in such a classic cat-and-mouse way that Gunpowder will appeal to both fans of puzzle games and cartoons alike.”


Gunpowder released for iPad

Rogue Rocket's charming Wild West themed physics puzzler Gunpowder has been released on the iPad! Gunpowder is available now on the Apple App Store as a “Pay Once and Play” title for $4.99. With 125 unique levels, timed trials, numerous Easter eggs, unlockable achievements and the ability to compete against friends via Apple's Game Center,...