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Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Genres: Action-adventure
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Publisher: Imperative Entertainment
Developer: Phosphor Games
Release Date: 2016-01-19
External Links: Purchase on Steam

Gemini: Heroes Reborn, the console counterpart to Enigma, acts as a prequel to Heroes Reborn, the NBC miniseries and spinoff of the original Heroes Sci-Fi drama. With an overarching story overseen by Heroes creator Tim Kring, Gemini follows Cassandra, a college student with supernatural telekinetic and time-shifting powers. Begin in 2014, when the mysterious Quarry lies in ruins, and shift back to 2008 when the facility boasts full functionality. Lift and throw enemies, solve puzzles, and warp time to discover your past and save your friend!

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Release date set for Gemini: Heroes Reborn

Just in time for the finale of Heroes Reborn, Phosphor’s newest first-person action-adventure game Gemini: Heroes Reborn is set to release on PC and Xbox One this Tuesday, with the PS4 release set for early February.

Use telekinesis, time travel, and a healthy amount of outside-the-box thinking to defeat enemies and explore The Quarry, an underground facility, in search of your abducted friend.


Phosphor developing two new games for Heroes: Reborn

We’re excited to share that Phosphor Games is developing a pair of new games to be released this September to coincide with the debut of the hotly anticipated miniseries Heroes: Reborn – Heroes Reborn: Gemini, a first person action-adventure for console and Heroes Reborn: Enigma, a first person action-puzzler for mobile!