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Title: inMomentum 2
Developer: Digital Arrow
Platform: PC
Genre: Free runner/racer, eSports
Dev stage: Concept
Dev time & Budget: Request using form below

Compete in the frantic and cutthroat worldwide racing league of inMomentum! Racers, equipped with high-tech suits and weapons, run and battle through a mix of linear paths, mazes, and combat arenas. To win each contest your team will employ a combination of speed, aggression, and combat. Will you scramble ahead of the competition as fast as you can or open fire on your enemies, restructuring them at the last checkpoint and giving you a little breathing room?

inMomentum 2 takes the core platform racing gameplay of 2011's inMomentum and upgrades it for today’s PC audience. Where the original inMomentum focused on running and jumping through vibrant, futuristic landscapes, this installment features bold new weapon choices, specialized character classes, jetpacks, grappling hooks, and a variety of slick parkour elements. While strong as a standalone game, inMomentum 2’s heavy focus on fast-paced multiplayer team modes makes it an ideal fit for the discerning eSports audience as well.

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