Genres: Beat 'em up and hack and slash

Red Beat

Red Beat is a 30+ person team, with the core team working together for 15 years on both original and third party development projects including Halo, Prime World: Defenders, and NBA Playgrounds. They have strong Unity and Unreal engine expertise on PC, mobile and console platforms, and are equally adept at premium and free to play design.


SoftSkillers (Released)

In a world ruled by evil, take control of super heroes and learn to use powerful skills to defeat your enemy and become a SoftSkiller.

Inspired by arcade classics like Streets of Rage, Mortal Kombat, Final Fight and Street Fighter, SoftSkillers is a beat’em all game with a tactical aspect. Aided by your Sensei, learn essential skills such as communication, skills transfer, prioritizing, and more. Use a range of super powers to lead your team to victory. Will your skills and tactics be clever enough to get past the final boss?


Boss! (Released)

Create and evolve the meanest, funniest, or just plain coolest princess-eating monster and show it off to the world through bouts of destructively frantic action! Players assume the role of a gigantic monster attempting to destroy the magical Trogon Kingdom. Fight hordes of brave heroes and powerful wizards, all while collecting coins to buy items to customize and evolve your Boss. Princesses beware – they are the monster’s most favorite food in this fun, role-reversal game!


Phosphor Games

Phosphor Games Studio is a Chicago-based game development studio comprised of developers with years of AAA game dev experience. They have developed back-to-back mobile game of the year nominees and their core team has a history of financially successful and critically acclaimed titles across the industry....

Conan (Released)

Combining real time hack and slash combat with puzzles, Conan also features many different weapons and the ability to learn new fighting techniques. Fight bosses across more than 70 levels of action to collect pieces of the legendary Atlantean Sword.


Iron Man / X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (Released)

The world is under attack and only Iron Man and X-O Manowar can save the planet. Battle as either character, alone or with a friend, through a nuclear plant, Stark Enterprises, rainforests, and cyberspace. Brutalize your enemies with punch and kick combos or special moves like Tony Stark’s Uni-Beam. Defeat epic villians Goliath, Titania, Yellowjacket, Mr. Hyde, and more.