Genres: Life simulation

Pure Bang Games

Established in 2010 by ex-Bethesda Softworks producer, Benjamin Walsh, we believe that understanding and communicating with our players leads to the creation of awesome games. Our passionate team loves creating new entertainment experiences that reach and engage players on mobile devices and the web. We have helped brands such as Star Trek, James Bond, AMF, and Indy Car reach hundreds of thousands of players. We’re serious about creating high quality games, but in the end, we do it all for fun.


Cuckoo Corner (Recently Announced)

In this virtual pet simulation, you get to hatch and raise your very own Cuckoo bird, complete with its own unique look and personality. Feed your Cuckoo dozens of food options and discover its favorite dish. Play with a wide variety of toys, including cars, tricycles, and helicopters. In addition, groom your Cuckoo and decorate its birdhouse, all to assure your Cuckoo grows up healthy, happy, and strong.


My Pet Rock (Released)

Retired in 2012, My Pet Rock was played by over 500,000 people from all over the world. Over 60,000 photos of pet rocks were shared on Facebook. Created for the growing female and tween audience on Facebook, the game allowed you to adopt and take care of pet rocks in your “garden”. Players could customize the appearance of the rocks before sending them on dates or into battles with other player’s rocks.