Genres: Music game

Namazu Studios

Namazu Studios is a mobile game developer founded in November 2008 with a vision to deliver an unparalleled mobile gaming experience with a top level of quality and polish. Namazu’s staff consists of experts from a variety of backgrounds including Enterprise Development, Cinema/Television, Industrial, Medical, Art, and Gaming applications. They are fully capable of delivering efficiently and on time. Namazu is passionate about what they do and have a track record of creating amazing products and offering unique experiences for users and clients.


Realtime Associates

With over 100 commercial titles published over the last 15 years, Realtime Associates is one of the longest established independent video game studios in operation today. Current projects range from educational and music-themed toys to console, handheld and PC games to graphic-intensive military simulations.


DanceDanceRevolution Pocket Edition (Released)

Play DanceDanceRevolution on your Apple TV with no dance pad required! DDR Pocket Edition detects your movements using the built-in motion sensors on your iPhone, allowing you to dance your way to more fun and better health. Customize your workout by selecting the difficulty and time duration. DDR Pocket Edition tracks your progress and displays your calories burned, steps taken, and your total workout time. Play through over 300 different songs to help kick start your workout routine. DDR Pocket Edition makes getting healthier easy, convenient, and fun.