Genres: Real-time tactics

Reentry Games

Reentry Games is an independent game studio located in New York City, specializing in building real-time multiplayer games rendered at blazing speed across all platforms. Building on years of expertise developing Wall St. trading technologies, low latency network front-end architecture, and GPU media processing, Reentry creates highly connected mobile and PC games with robust and bug-free code and top-notch art assets.


Bigmoon Interactive Studios

Since its foundation in 2008, BIGMOON STUDIOS has set a simple goal: Develop the best entertainment content we can. We love great games, stories, fun characters and innovative challenges. That’s why we put all our dedication and passion into creating and developing interactive entertainment content.

Regardless of technology, platform or genre, we are completely dedicated to creating and developing the best content for all kinds of audiences. And it is this love and passion that fuels our work each and every day. Bigmoon Interactive Studios is an authorized developer for all major game platforms, including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, iOS, Android and Facebook. Bigmoon has the hardware, software and the high quality professionals to create and develop compelling games for all these platforms.