Genres: Turn-based tactics


Ratto is a digital company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working to put together memorable projects on screens all over the world. Our cozy house from the 40’s is filled with more than twenty heads, thinking and dreaming about games, mobile and digital.


Iron Krieger (Released)

Set in the year 1943, the world finds itself in a new kind of war. No longer reigned by two sides, there are now three: the Anglo-Americans, the Neo-Germans and the Soviets. Past actions have had drastic consequences on the environment. Blood has become petroleum, and feelings are remnants of the past. Control new technologies, not intended to heal humanity, but to crush your enemies. Campaign across 10 levels or play online with friends with more than 10 different combat units.


Jagged Alliance: Back In Action (Released)

A ruthless dictator has seized power on the island of Arulco. The former president has asked you to hire the world’s top mercenaries to restore him as the rightful leader of his country. Assemble powerful teams of mercenaries and drive the dictator back, sector by sector. Fight alongside & train local insurgents, exploit valuable resources, strategically coordinate your teams, and win back the country.