Platform: 3DS

Snowden Studios

Snowden Studios was founded by industry-leading veterans and established independent game developers with a focus on building world class interactive entertainment. With decades of high-leverage experience in design and production, and diligent commitment to quality. The insider group’s collection of experience and talent makes them the industry’s go-to miracle workers – no problem is too complicated and no solution unattainable.

The team has been honored with broad critical acclaim, achieving multiple Game of the Year awards. They have lead, designed, engineered, and built some of the most memorable games of all time. Additionally, they’ve had a hand in spearheading cutting-edge digital distribution and online infrastructure used by major publishers to this day and have shipping experience on all major consoles and mobile platforms using the latest game engines as well as being pioneers in room-scale VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus, and PSVR.


Forge Reply

Forge Reply is a cutting edge console, PC, and mobile development team dedicated to creating new and incredible user experiences. Their game designs are consistently complex, intricate, and innovative. Forge Reply is a passionate, experienced team dedicated to excellence.


Mission Critical Studios

Mission Critical Studios was founded by individuals passionate about their craft. The journey of game design, storytelling, and real development is what fuels us. In addition to full game development, Mission Critical offers interactive books, interactive medical apps, game design, script writing, digital asset creation, and MoCap editing/cleanup.


The Awesome Game Studio

The Awesome Game Studio is headquartered in the USA, with a wholly owned subsidiary in Hyderabad, India. They have successfully worked on console, PC, browser based games and mobile games. TAGS has been managing multiple original projects, focusing on console quality games on mobile.


Shifting World (Released)

Acclaimed video game publisher Aksys Games is proud to announce their partnership with video game developer Fishing Cactus in order to bring you the puzzle platformer Shifting World. Based on the award winning Shift series originally by Armor Games which has been played by over 16 million players on the web, the Nintendo 3DS version will be the first of the series to hit consoles and introduces an all-new art direction, level editor, and 3D functionality.


Secrets Of The Titanic (Released)

Join Eva and her family as they take a cruise following the same path as the ill-fated Titanic. After wearing her grandmother’s necklace, Eva experiences flashbacks and finds herself onboard the original Titanic, not as herself, but as her grandmother. Should she try and stop the Titanic from colliding with the iceberg and change the course of history forever?