Platform: PSP

Snowden Studios

Snowden Studios was founded by industry-leading veterans and established independent game developers with a focus on building world class interactive entertainment. With decades of high-leverage experience in design and production, and diligent commitment to quality. The insider group’s collection of experience and talent makes them the industry’s go-to miracle workers – no problem is too complicated and no solution unattainable.

The team has been honored with broad critical acclaim, achieving multiple Game of the Year awards. They have lead, designed, engineered, and built some of the most memorable games of all time. Additionally, they’ve had a hand in spearheading cutting-edge digital distribution and online infrastructure used by major publishers to this day and have shipping experience on all major consoles and mobile platforms using the latest game engines as well as being pioneers in room-scale VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus, and PSVR.


Fair Play Labs

Fair Play Labs is a young game development studio focused on the development of engaging game titles for kids 8 thru 80 years old. Fair Play has ample experience providing game design, development, and art for hire or on their own internal IP. Their talented team is composed of over 50 creative, innovative, skilled, and talented professionals with college degrees in Engineering or Art. Their main focus is to create fun and entertaining games to amuse and challenge gamers of all ages.


Shift (Released)

Shift is based on the negative-space centric platform concept in a style elegant, yet minimalistic, and pulsating with spy music. Use the [arrows] to navigate your man of mystery along the levels and to jump. After a couple of warm-up levels, you’ll need to master the art of Shift.


Shift Extended (Released)

You are Subject 32763, locked up as part of a scientific experiment. Escape traps and navigate a gigantic maze, using the shift function to radically flip the architecture of the levels. White becomes black, the ground is now air, up is down and left is right: everything is shifted 180 degrees. This allows the player...

Puzzle Chronicles (Released)

Battle to free your enslaved tribesmen in puzzle matches against fight fierce beasts and mighty warriors, toppling an Empire along the way. Puzzle Chronicles features an active puzzle combat mechanic, deep story, character development, and most importantly, fun and engaging gameplay.


Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords (Released)

Incorporating strategy, role-playing, and storyline into a traditional match-3 puzzle game, Puzzle Quest is THE genre-bending title that inspired and launched a long line of imitators. It challenges gamers to create and develop the ultimate hero in both single and multi player modes. Victory advances the player’s arsenal, rewarding gamers with endless hours of replay value.