Platform: VR

Spider-Man: Homecoming Virtual Reality Experience (Released)

Suit up as Spider-Man and see what it’s like to be the world’s favorite superhero! Made as a free promotional release for the Sony motion picture, Spider-Man Homecoming VR Experience is a fun and thrilling first-person look inside the world of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Learn the ins and outs of your brand new Stark Industries-upgraded web shooters and master different web types as you race to complete fast-paced targeting trials. Sling high above the city in a dramatic confrontation before pursuing The Vulture!


Carnival of Creation

Carnival of Creation is formed by the core team of Grendel Games, with over 15 years developing and publishing serious games with massive entertainment value. Carnival of Creation is fully focused and dedicated to delivering rich, immersive, adventurous, and entertaining games with high production value.


Snowden Studios

Snowden Studios was founded by industry-leading veterans and established independent game developers with a focus on building world class interactive entertainment. With decades of high-leverage experience in design and production, and diligent commitment to quality. The insider group’s collection of experience and talent makes them the industry’s go-to miracle workers – no problem is too complicated and no solution unattainable.

The team has been honored with broad critical acclaim, achieving multiple Game of the Year awards. They have lead, designed, engineered, and built some of the most memorable games of all time. Additionally, they’ve had a hand in spearheading cutting-edge digital distribution and online infrastructure used by major publishers to this day and have shipping experience on all major consoles and mobile platforms using the latest game engines as well as being pioneers in room-scale VR using the HTC Vive, Oculus, and PSVR.


Binary Bubbles

Founded by 20+ year veterans of LucasArts, Sony, and Activision, the talented Los Angeles-based team is relentlessly passionate about delivering crossmedia engagement, striving to create and design exciting new IPs and persistent universes for their players to experience. Experts in both Unity and Unreal, Binary Bubble develops everything from retro-styled games to cutting edge VR as well as complete pitch bibles and scripts for comprehensive entertainment packages.


DinoFense (Released)

The uncivilized world is threatening to overrun! Protect your Dino Village from wave after wave of angry cavemen and animals on the beach, in the jungle, or by the volcano. Look around the surrounding VR Environment, take stock of your enemies, and fire away to make it to the end of each wave. Use powerups and the surrounding landscape to your advantage to save your captured dinozens and prove that it’s still the time of the dinosaurs!


Nebulous (Released)

Nebulous is a physics-based puzzle game where you guide the hapless Commander Johnson through an interstellar maze. Arrange your puzzle pieces correctly and navigate multiple sources of gravity to guide the Commander through vortexes in his journey home. Featuring 40 challenging levels, this game allows players to use the Oculus Rift to control pieces by sight and intuitive hands-free controls.