FOG is a full service videogame agency that is retained by our clients to handle their interactive licensing, b2b marketing, business development and contract negotiations. In other words, we represent the interests of SELLERS. Our typical clients are Game Developers, Service Providers and Brand Owners, and each of those menus below outline the types of services those SELLERS pay us to accomplish. Any type of BUYER, not just Publishers, looking to acquire games, game development services our game outsourcing services including art, animation, sound design, engineering or other support, have no financial obligation to us to tap into all of the products and services our clients offer. Please view us as a resource you can engage at any time. If you let us know of your needs, we will check the availability of resources within our global group of clients and return one or more options for your consideration. All proposals from our teams include full due diligence backgrounds on the relevant experience for the job at hand, competitive pricing based on the geography and talent composition of the respective studios, and full access to the heads of those studios for follow on interviews as you proceed to making your final selections. We recognize that time is the most precious commodity all of us have, so we try to proactively provide all the information you require to make an informed decision about your prospective partners. Once you have made a selection, we will efficiently manage the contracting process for our clients, but all agreements are direct between you and them. When production begins, the day to day will be handled between the project leads on each side, but FOG remains available if either side has concerns during production to mediate a solution and keep the project on track. Our end goal is always to create satisfied partners and develop successful repeat business relationships for both parties, not just deliver one off projects. That is what sets a business development firm like ourselves apart from pure sales reps/traditional agencies, which are more focused on sales alone than the service commitment required after the deal is signed.


  • Assistance securing Funding, Publishing and Distribution for your game projects
  • Game Pitch Development and Marketing Support
  • Work for Hire and outsourcing opportunities from top Game Publishers and Developers
  • Game and Brand Licensing Opportunities
  • World Class Negotiation and Contract Management
  • Royalty Management, Auditing and Compliance
  • Customer/Client Mediation Services
  • Trusted Outsourcing Providers at your disposal
  • Marketing presence at major trade shows worldwide
  • Strategic Planning and Mentoring to Grow Your Business
  • 24/7 reporting on business development, market intelligence and more


  • All services at no cost to you, we are retained by our developer clients to perform this work
  • Receive vetted Pitches and Playable Game Demos from top teams from around the World
  • Efficient Access to multiple developers and RFP responses that are complete and actionable
  • Dedicated Art, Animation, Engineering and other outsourcing resources at your disposal
  • Secure file server access to background information on all our clients and projects
  • Vendor Due Diligence Management in compliance with your process
  • We encourage and facilitate direct communications between you and our clients
  • Efficient negotiations because of extensive experience
  • All contracts direct between you and our clients
  • Customer Service which places the needs of the project first
  • Conflict mediation and conflict resolution as needed
  • We focus on building successful repeat business and long term relationships

Service Providers

  • Efficiently promote your services to thousands of potential buyers
  • Rate card insight and competitive analysis
  • Get listed on internal vendor databases for producers at AAA Publishers
  • Get increased opportunities to test and compete for opportunities
  • Insider intelligence on what buyers are seeking
  • Understand how emerging trends like Virtual Reality can impact your business
  • Build trusted partnerships and repeat business to anchor your bottom line

Brand Owners

  • Find the Game Development Studios that are perfect for your Brand Identity
  • Package Licensing proposals with top Developer talent to increase your chance of interactive placements
  • Get access to top licensees in interactive entertainment
  • Identify great product placement opportunities in existing games
  • Interactive Brand Valuation Services
  • Specific and in depth Interactive Entertainment negotiation expertise
  • Experienced management of interactive licensee approval process and game builds
  • Royalty management, auditing and compliance services