Becky Dille

Becky Dille is the CFO of FOG Studios, having served previously as the COO from 1995 to 2001. Becky began her career as a Production Editor at McMillian Publishing in Indiana where she oversaw the publication of dozens of high end computing books. In 1992, she was recruited by Prima Publishing to help establish their Game Strategy Guide division. Her accolades and achievements in that role were many, including establishing the industry precedent for higher sales by publishing day and date with the game. The first title to do so was Doom II: The Official Strategy Guide, authored by her now husband Ed Dille, which appeared on the New York Times bestseller list and was subsequently translated into nine languages and sold globally. Becky had a way of getting what she needed from both overworked authors and game developers in crunch mode trying to ship their titles, while still remaining beloved by all of them, a true art. When she left Prima to join FOG, she was COO during establishment of the Attitude Network, which included founding the world’s first website dedicated to videogames,, which was subsequently sold to the Globe (Nasdaq: TGLO). Also, Becky was involved in the founding and operations of, overseeing the editorial production of over 20,000 articles with embedded contextual commerce opportunities that were quite revolutionary at the time. Subsequently, Becky worked in New York for Thieme Medical Publishers, a leading German publisher producing high end medical reference books and journals, where her skills at corralling game developers worked equally well on beleaguered doctors who didn’t even get paid for their work! She returned to FOG Studios after moving to Maui in 2014.