Ed Dille

Ed Dille is the Chairman and CEO of FOG Studios, founded in 1979 as the world’s first videogame agency representing developers, service provides and brand owners to produce award winning interactive games on all platforms in the history of the industry. Over the last four decades, nearly three of which have been under Dille’s leadership, the firm has placed over 7000 products in market, generating over $3 Billion dollars in revenue to customers and clients.

Dille is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis and a Veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He is currently Junior Vice Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3850 in Maui, Hawaii, where he resides when not traveling to one game show after another. Dille began his career in the games business in 1985, as a journalist and author. He has authored or co-authored 26 books and over 1000 articles about the games business, and is a frequently requested speaker at industry gatherings. His military expertise contributed to the publication of the following titles from his longer list of books: SSN-21 Seawolf, Harpoon II: A Primer on Naval Warfare, and Aegis: Guardian of the Fleet. He has founded or co-founded multiple companies, several of which have been acquired in whole or part by other entities. The most notable of these was the Attitude Network Ltd., which included the world’s first internet gaming websites (HappyPuppy.com and GamesDomain.com), and which was sold to the Globe (Nasdaq: TGLO) in 1999.

Another noteworthy and forward looking achievement of Dille was in the establishment and management of the Collecting Channel. Dille authored the business plan and portions of the PPM used to secure investment. He also implemented a multi-tier Internet broadcast strategy, managed editorial development of over 20,000 stories and blended e-commerce opportunities with content, creating contextual selling as a now widely used internet format. Additionally, Dille provided operational oversight of the PAX Television Program Treasures in Your Home: The World of Collecting, including the coordination of both real time and tape delayed interactive elements on related websites, including an auctions component displayed on Yahoo and a webcast feed on Broadcast.com, another first for its time.

Prior to assuming his current position at FOG Studios, Dille’s clients included a veritable who’s who of the early days of the gaming industry including Microsoft, GT Interactive, Novalogic, Tom Clancy’s Redstorm Entertainment group, Micropose Software, Empire, TekMagic, Interplay, Data East, Galoob, Konami, MicroLeague, Tynsoft, Epyx, Acclaim, Ripcord, Simon & Schuster, Infogrames/Atari, Ubisoft, Strategic Simulations, Inc., Three-Sixty Interactive and dozens more. The diaspora of talent from those early companies now sit as decision makers in virtually every company in our industry, and Dille has enjoyed repeat buyer relationships with many of them for two decades or more.

Known throughout the industry as the “Man in the White Hat,” Dille enjoys helping people realize their potential and ambitions, making something from nothing, giving back to others and the environment, movies and family time. The latter was never easy until Dille figured out that when your family complains that they don’t see enough of you, you can hire them and put them to work. Problem solved.