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Brain in a Jar

Location: United Kingdom, established in 1998
Published Titles: 25+
Platforms: Console, Handheld, PC
Customers: EA, Ubisoft, Eutechnyx and more
Genres: Racing Game
Engines: Internal, Unity

Brain in a Jar designs, develops and constructs all of its software and tools in-house. The Brain in a Jar engine is a modular, multi-platform system split into engine components for rendering, physics calculations, rigid body dynamics, memory management, file handling and platform interface. This engine forms the foundation on which game-code modules are built. Two key areas of technological innovation are the physics and dynamics system (there are no special case scenarios in the physics code) and the Artificial Intelligence system (a multi-level system which creates reactive AI that actively compete and have a ‘desire to win’).We can do 64 player drop in/drop out multiplayer modes.

Recent News

NASCAR The Game: Inside Line

Take the wheel in thrilling recreations of actual NASCAR race moments. Featuring 43 cars, Inside Line taps into some of the most advanced technology in racing. Featuring a full race weekend experience: practice, qualify and race.


Jungle Kartz

Race your Jungle Kartz across 32 tracks. Designed for all ages, players can take on a variety of racing challenges or battle friends in Tournament mode. Join the eight fun-loving animal characters in this driving adventure.


Kart Racer

Feel the speed as you race in some of the fastest Karts and most challenging courses from around the world.


GP Classic Racing

Take a ride to the past and prove you have what it takes to beat the best of the best. Get behind the wheel of high-powered, rear wheel drive cars of the 60’s that handle very differently than the modern cars of today! Featuring ten challenging circuits, a variety of racing modes, and unlockable bonus material.


Rally Racer

Perform crazy stunts and put your driving skills to the ultimate test! Customize your very own rally car with the game’s specialized Garage feature, and make adjustments to your vehicle’s power and handling. Enter time trials or go for a full Euro championship. Realistic physics and mechanics simulation, intensely technical courses, and unique racing environments will push you to the outer limits of rally racing.