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Carnival of Creation

Location: Netherlands, established in 2013
Published Titles: 7+
Platforms: Console, PS4, Switch, WiiU, Xbox One, Mobile, Android, iOS, PC, Oculus Rift, VR, HTC Vive
Genres: Adventure, Serious game, Simulation, Strategy, Puzzle Game
Engines: Unity, Unreal
Links: Official Website, Company Pitch

Carnival of Creation is formed by the core team of Grendel Games, with over 15 years developing and publishing serious games with massive entertainment value. Carnival of Creation is fully focused and dedicated to delivering rich, immersive, adventurous, and entertaining games with high production value.

Recent News

Garfield vs Hot Dog

Garfield is on a quest to grow his healthy food truck business while competing with the dastardly Hot Dog’s successful fast food empire, which is making the citizens obese and unhealthy. Change their eating habits and improve their health as you take over Hot Dog’s food stalls and deliver healthy food to hungry citizens.



Build fantastic contraptions to escape the dimly-lit cavern systems in this game about friendship, robots and a little girl who loves to dance. Underground is an award-winning serious game whose primary purpose is to train basic motor skills for laparoscopic surgery. It was developed using a custom, proprietary C++ game-engine written in-house. Used in 150 hospitals worldwide, the team has also designed a custom physical game-controller for Underground that is being produced and distributed out of Shenzhen, China.


Diamond Dan

Diamond Dan is a procedurally generated platform game with a twist, where players make their way down ancient towers filled with traps and treasure. The towers’ configuration changes constantly, presenting unexpected challenges or rewards around every corner.