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Location: USA, established in 2003
Services: 2D Art Assets, 3D Art Assets
Types of Assets: 2D & Illustration, Characters, Concepts
Published Titles: 15+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Customers: Firaxis, 2K, Warner Bros, Gameloft, Wargaming, and more
Genres: Action, Shooter, Arcade shooter, First-person shooter, Third-person shooter, Strategy, Artillery game
Engines: Crytek, Unity, Unreal

Exis is an advanced technology and multimedia company specializing in Virtual Reality (VR) solutions,  mobile applications, new media, and hardware peripherals. The team spans two decades of experience in technology and project management spanning across various verticals such as Geographic Information Services, Non-Profits/Education, Government, Entertainment/Simulation, and Telecom.

The team’s new media expertise is evident in recently released products from 2k Games and Wargaming Inc, across multiple platforms including Xbox360 /Xbox One, Playstation 3 / 4, and PC. Exis operated as a turn-key solution which significantly bolstered their development capability, enabling them to release top tier product on schedule and on budget.

Recent News

SprintR devkits ready for pre-order in Q1 2017

Exis has been making great progress on SprintR in the last few months, and we’re happy to say the preliminary mechanical design is done! Exis founder Peter Kojesta and his team are working on improvements to the electronics, and will be posting many cool new features soon.

In the meantime, they are announcing that the devkits will be ready for pre-order in Q1 2017, and they’ll be shipping them out soon after! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter so you know when these babies are ready to go!



SprintR puts VR movement where it belongs, at your feet. SprintR is a wireless foot-pad that lets you easily walk, run, and jump in VR. It’s a natural, portable alternative to expensive VR treadmills and sensor systems and frees your hands in a way that current gamepads cannot match. Used in combination with a mouse...

Dr.Woot 2048

Clear out nasty virus tiles over 100 levels of fun, addicting gameplay! Help Dr.Woot match beakers until he can cure the virus on each level.



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