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Fair Play Labs

Location: Costa Rica, established in 2005
Published Titles: 15+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Switch, PSP, PSP Vita
Customers: WildTangent, Mighty Play, Big Idea Games, and more
Genres: Action, Adventure, Endless Runner
Engines: Unity, Unreal
Links: Official Website, Company Overview, 3D Portfolio, 2D Portfolio, Demo Reel

Fair Play Labs is a young game development studio focused on the development of engaging game titles for kids 8 thru 80 years old. Fair Play has ample experience providing game design, development services, and art for hire or on their own internal IP. Their talented team is composed of over 50 creative, innovative, skilled, and talented professionals with college degrees in Engineering or Art. Their main focus is to create fun and entertaining games to amuse and challenge gamers of all ages.

Recent News

Color Guardians

Color Guardians is a supremely challenging platformer requiring skill, dexterity, and damn good memory. Easy to learn and impossible to master, players must quickly negotiate an onslaught of obstacles while shifting between different guardians. It’s multi-tasking madness. Jump, switch lanes, and swap colors to stay ahead of the stages and earn all three stars!



Create and evolve the meanest, funniest, or just plain coolest princess-eating monster and show it off to the world through bouts of destructively frantic action! Players assume the role of a gigantic monster attempting to destroy the magical Trogon Kingdom. Fight hordes of brave heroes and powerful wizards, all while collecting coins to buy items to customize and evolve your Boss. Princesses beware – they are the monster’s most favorite food in this fun, role-reversal game!



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