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Fishing Cactus

Location: Belgium, established in 2008
Published Titles: 35+
Platforms: Console, Handheld, Mobile, PC
Customers: EA, Sega, Ubisoft, Big Ben and more
Genres: Action, Fighting game, Platform game, Simulation, Casual game, Puzzle Game, Sports game
Engines: Mojito (internal), Unity, Unreal
Links: Official Website, Company Overview, Serious Games Overview

Founded in the ashes of 10tacle Belgium in 2007, Fishing Cactus is a premium independent game development studio dedicated to providing high quality digital games. We aim to create compelling games across different types of handheld consoles and digital distribution platforms featuring both original IPs as well as existing brands.

Recent News

Award Winning Epistory game live on Steam!

Congrats to Bruno and the whole Fishing Cactus team! Epistory, an atmospheric adventure with a distinct origami aesthetic, is now out of Early Access and available in its entirety through Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. Epistory’s tale is advanced entirely through an intuitive keyboard-only control scheme. Players unleash powerful magic, solve brain-teasing puzzles, attack...

Epistory on Steam Early Access

Fresh off winning ‘Most Creative’ at Indie Games Play in Paris this month, Fishing Cactus’ hotly anticipated new release Epistory launches on Steam Early Access today! Epistory is an atmospheric adventure typing yarn where you are the muse and your adventure begins on a blank page. As you progress and explore the fantasy origami world, the story literally unfolds in the writer’s mind and the mysteries of the magic power of the words are revealed.



In a story where everything is untold, become the muse who unfolds a brand new adventure. Epistory is an atmospheric adventure typing game that tells the story of a writer lacking inspiration who asks her muse to help write his latest book. You play the part of the muse, a fictional character in a world where...

Monkeys Ahoy!

Join two young pirates on their quest to make the ultimate friendship smoothie through this bright, lively and wild monkey world. Monkeys Ahoy! is a match 3 game with a twist where players can connect pirate treasures by drawing the longest line possible through the same shapes and colors. The game allows for unique combos and chaining as you jump between shape and color to continue the chain. Easy to play and learn with the added fun of trying to make the longest chain through all the pirate goodies!