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Location: United Kingdom, established in 2016
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mFirst Security recognizes the inherit, constant, and sophisticated risks pirates, hackers, cheaters, and thieves present to both your livelihood and the livelihood of your app. In a world where 97 of the top 100 grossing apps are routinely compromised, mFirst Security offers an affordable, scalable choice. mShield is a non-invasive shield for your APK designed to protect against hacker attacks including decompiling, tampering with your code base, generation of false currency and cheats, and the destruction of authorized SDKs. Any unshielded app with logic on it is at risk, and even if the processing is managed server-side, a hacked app may act as an unauthorized gateway to those servers. mShield stops this from happening and provides 24/7 monitoring to ensure your app isn’t leaking data, all without entering your app, touching your source code, slowing down the app, or being disruptive visually.