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Mission Critical Studios

Location: USA, established in 2007
Published Titles: 3+
Platforms: 3DS, PSP Vita, Android, iOS, PS4, PSN, WiiU, XBLA, Xbox One
Customers: Maximum Games
Genres: Casual game, Puzzle Game, Tower defense, Shooter
Engines: Crytek, Unity, Unreal
Links: Official Website, Company Overview

Mission Critical Studios was founded by individuals passionate about their craft. The journey of game design, storytelling, and real development is what fuels us. In addition to full game development, Mission Critical offers interactive books, interactive medical apps, game design, script writing, digital asset creation, and MoCap editing/cleanup.

Recent News

Announcing our newest client: Mission Critical!

We’re proud and excited to share our newest client with you, Mission Critical Studios! Mission Critical is a US-based Unity and Unreal development studio with a focus on and passion for dynamic storytelling. The team has extensive experience developing games and applications for console, handheld, PC, and mobile. In addition to other exciting projects, the team is currently hard at work developing their original IP, Dr. Nano, for console! Their new playable, created in Unreal 4, will be featured at the Maximum Games booth at E3.


Crab Cakes Rescue

Crab Cakes Rescue is a unique puzzle platformer that will pinch your brain! Navigate nearly 100 vibrant levels, shedding your shell to create new opportunities to escape! Each time you die you shed a shell, creating a new block to climb on and new paths to take! Shrink, grow, and freeze time to dodge pesky seagulls and other bothersome beach buddies as you find the best way to get up, down, and around each mind-boggling level.


Frantic Freddy Bug Stomp

Frantic Freddy’s mental health is in your hands. Freddy suffers from an acute case of entomophobia, a crippling fear of bugs! Unfortunately, he's trapped in a straight jacket while they swarm all around him. If you don't squish enough creepy crawlers Freddy will freak out! Use Freddy's feet, and eventually his freed hands, to smash...

Dr. Nano X

As Dr. Nano X, you shrink down to enter patients and blast dangerous nanotech and parasites. This 3D platformer is an adventure game with some of the most unusual environments and game play you will ever see! Guide your player through some of the most dangerous terrain imaginable with dual stick controls, unusual scientific instruments, a jetpack and even a submarine to blast the enemies to smithereens. Defeat nano bots, mutated creatures, and monster parasites to save your patient! It’s all in a day’s work for Dr. Nano X.