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Namazu Studios

Location: USA, established in 2008
Published Titles: 5+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS3, PS4
Customers: Konami, Moxy Games, SHFL Entertainment, and more
Genres: Action, Shooter, Role-playing, Strategy, Board game / Card game, Endless Runner, Music game
Engines: Unity

Namazu Studios is a mobile game developer founded in November 2008 with a vision to deliver unparalleled mobile, PC, console, and VR gaming experiences with a top level of quality and polish. Namazu’s staff consists of experts from a variety of backgrounds including Enterprise Development, Cinema/Television, Industrial, Medical, Art, and Gaming applications. They are fully capable of delivering efficiently and on time. Namazu is passionate about what they do and have a track record of creating amazing products and offering unique experiences for users and clients.

Recent News

Vitamin Z to be released on VR

Namazu Studios announces a licensing deal with Side-Kick Games to bring its PS Vita title, Vitamin Z, to VR platforms Q1 2016. Namazu’s action-packed shooter will be reimagined for a mobile VR experience. The alliance will allow Namazu Studios to rapidly reach the largest possible audience across multiple mobile VR platforms and markets. “We’re excited to...

Vitamin Z released on PS Vita

Today we’re celebrating the release of Namazu Studios LLC​’s newest game, Vitamin Z, to the PS Vita! Vitamin Z is an endless arcade-style shooter with the player locked in the center of the screen, armed with a continuously firing turret, with zombie fruits and vegetables encroaching on all sides! Vitamin Z is available NOW on the PlayStation Store for free!


Gamereactor interview with Namazu

Gamereactor caught up with Namazu technical director Keith Hudnall at GDC to talk shop about Nebulous. Nebulous is on the cutting edge – an Incredible Machine-type puzzler being developed for PC and Oculus Rift! Players will be able to sit back, relax, and run the hapless Commander Johnson through a gamut of harrowing situations without the burden of a physical controller.