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Puppetworks Animation Studio

Location: Budapest, established in 2009
Services: 2D Art Assets, 3D Art Assets, Animation, Cinematics
Types of Assets: 2D & Illustration, Characters, Concepts, Environments, Vehicles
Customers: Ubisoft, Microsoft, Crytek, Riot Games, Rare, and more
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Puppetworks is a high-end character animation and visual effects studio providing digital production services for computer games, films and commercials. Puppetworks rocks in 3d keyframe animation and gives births to character stories, teasers & cinematic trailers.

Their pipeline includes the creation of concept art, illustration, storyboarding, matte painting, 3d modeling and texturing, rigging, 3d animatics, keyframe & motion capture animation, 3d effects, lighting, rendering, matchmoving and compositing.

Puppetworks reel 2017 from Puppetworks Animation Studio on Vimeo.

Recent News

Extinction – newest trailer from Puppetworks

Here is the trailer for Extinction, Puppetworks’ most recent release, done for Maximum Games. The trailer has been extremely well received, getting over 1M views for a game that was largely unknown prior to E3. Please contact Ed directly at eddille@fogstudios.com if you have any upcoming cinematic or marketing trailer requirements. ...

Puppetworks latest cinematic project: The Crew

Ubisoft’s recently released next-gen open-world racer The Crew features 13 stunning minutes of full CG cutscenes by Puppetworks Animation Studio. Puppetworks consistently delivers high-end character animation and visual effects for a wide variety of games, trailers, commercials, and films and their work on The Crew is no exception.