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Raincrow Games

Location: USA, established in 2011
Published Titles: 1
Platforms: Mobile
Customers: Clazz
Engines: Unity
Links: Company Overview, Location Based Games Whitepaper

Raincrow Games is an indie mobile development studio specializing in Location Based technologies on mobile. Our mission is to shape the future of social mobile gaming through innovations in movement-based gaming fused with powerful story telling.

Recent News


Covens is a location-based game of magic and witchcraft waged on real maps in the world. Players fight to become the most powerful witch, or build the most powerful Coven in their cities or even the world. Inspired not by the success of other titles but by original storytelling through words, art, and music, Covens is the first in a series of augmented reality titles that will be played on the same real world map. It is the flagship of a shared universe of real world games.


Vampire Tribunals

This free-to-play casual MMORPG allows players to physically or virtually travel anywhere in the world to hunt your victims. Play the part of a Damphyr, part human, part vampire, as you establish your own clans, or ‘houses’ with your friends, attack rivals, and become the world’s most dominant blood-sucker.