» Ratto


Location: Brazil, established in 2009
Published Titles: 10+
Platforms: Android, iOS
Genres: Casual game, Endless Runner, Sports game, Turn-based tactics
Engines: Unity

Ratto is a digital company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, working to put together memorable projects on screens all over the world. Our cozy house from the 40’s is filled with more than twenty heads, thinking and dreaming about games, mobile and digital.

Recent News


Chutgol is a penalty kick simulator. Customize your player, select your aim, and try to score! Conceived for promotional events, it can be customized with sponsor brands and custom teams.


Steven Seagull 2

Steven is back for more action and adventure. Help him fill his belly with fish while dodging sharks, birds, speedboats. Soar above the sea and swim beneath it to collect special powerups and complete dozens of achievements to make his journey even more fun!


Fat Vlad

Help Vlad, a corpulent vampire on the prowl for a midnight snack. Eat as many cupcakes as you can before the sun comes up!


Iron Krieger

Set in the year 1943, the world finds itself in a new kind of war. No longer reigned by two sides, there are now three: the Anglo-Americans, the Neo-Germans and the Soviets. Past actions have had drastic consequences on the environment. Blood has become petroleum, and feelings are remnants of the past. Control new technologies, not intended to heal humanity, but to crush your enemies. Campaign across 10 levels or play online with friends with more than 10 different combat units.



Manipulate magnets to collect batteries while avoiding hazards such as laser walls and black holes.