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Red Beat

Location: Kiev, established in 2013
Published Titles: 3+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS, PS4, Switch, Xbox One
Customers: Nival, 1C, Saber Interactive, GSC, and more
Genres: Action, Beat 'em up and hack and slash, eSports, Fighting game, Strategy, MOBA, Real-time strategy (RTS)
Engines: Unity, Unreal
Links: Team Deck, Company Showreel

Red Beat is a 30+ person team, with the core team working together for 15 years on both original and third party development projects including Halo, Prime World: Defenders, and NBA Playgrounds. They have strong Unity and Unreal engine expertise on PC, mobile and console platforms, and are equally adept at premium and free to play design.

Recent News

Space Rogue

Take on the role of a spaceship captain and lead your crew across the galaxy, where the ultimate goal is up to you! Fight for peace or piracy as you explore new worlds, improve your ship, recruit crew members and engage in intense ship-to-ship battles. Combining strategy, tactics, and adventure, Space Rogue gives complete freedom to explore the galaxy and choose your own goals. The entire world is generated for each playthrough, with over 300 random in-game events and missions and a variety of opponents.


Prime World: Defenders

Fight off hordes of monstrous mutants created from a strange cataclysmic event. Join a group of exile treasure hunters who have ventured into the capital of an ancient empire, vast with mystery and danger. Prime World: Defenders merges classic tower defense gameplay with collectible card mechanic. Your towers, your spells, your traps – all are magic cards, that you can collect and upgrade. You’ll have to develop your own strategy, because you’ll get your random set of cards after each battle.