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Location: USA, established in 2014
Customers: Smuttlewerk, PerBlue, Astraware, Square Two, Othernet, and more
Links: Official website, Sales Deck

Monetizing non-paying users is crucial for publishers in a F2P market where 5% conversion on IAP is fantastic, and 1-2% is more the norm. While most publishers turn to interstitial and video ads, or social media linking TheoremReach offers a complimentary opt in survey solution that returns an average of $0.30 ARPDAU on top of ads and IAP. TheoremReach has spent over four years building content distribution relationships with all of the top market research providers in the world, and now services a constantly growing pool of well over 10,000 unfilled surveys in over 50 countries. These surveys are seeking approximately 6 million completions, with new surveys launching every day. The survey experience can be branded to each app to create a truly native experience. TheoremReach handles all user support and payments, with zero maintenance required by the app publisher.