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Timber Soundscapes

Location: Netherlands, established in 2014
Services: Audio
Types of Assets: Audio
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Timber Soundscapes sits at the apex of the tallest tree in the audio forest, where the artistry of world class audio design intersects with world class audio engineering. Immersive 3D audio, in regular gaming, VR and AR applications, differentiates the good from the great and the great from the unforgettable. At Timber Soundscapes we build our own 3D audio tools. ​Our core product is the Timber Soundscapes 3D audio engine with our unique ‘cinematic filter technology’, which makes it possible to position any sound accurately in a 3D space using binaural technology. Our engine is designed to easily expand in any direction, so we can tailor our engine to your specific needs.

Very few games leverage the full capabilities and possibilities of 3D Audio design. Trigger an alarm and you typically hear the same file repeating at different volume, without any consideration of changes in sound based on the distance and angle of the source, or natural distortions that come from the sound reflecting off surfaces before it reaches you. Likewise, in many racing games, you don’t hear the engines of the cars in close proximity to you, and Doppler effects are mimicked left to right on a flat audio plane. In both of these examples a simplistic audio design degraded stunning visuals and detract from the gameplay. These practices are so pervasive that players may be accustomed to them, but give them the option to hear the difference and there is no contest as to which version they prefer.

The Timber Soundscapes technology is fully compatible with all major hardware platforms and peripherals, as well as the most popular game engines (Unity, Unreal4, FMod, etc). The resulting designs provide real time movement and rotation of both the listener and multiple (directional) sound sources.