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Location: Slovakia, established in 2008
Published Titles: 4
Platforms: Console, Handheld, Mobile, PC
Customers: Gamers Digital, Mastiff, Activision
Genres: Casual game, Puzzle Game, Shooter
Engines: Cloak NT (internal), Unity

Top3Line is the sister company of Cauldron (16+ years multiplatform console developer) focusing on casual and mobile platforms.

Recent News

Jessica’s Cupcake Cafe

Help Jessica transform her aunt’s old bakery from a failure to a success. Design tasty cupcakes with unique patterns and toppings, serve customers quickly, and use the cash you earn to upgrade your shop. Featuring 42 levels, you unlock over 50 real cupcake recipes you can use in your own kitchen!


Jessica’s BowWow Bistro

Help Jessica expand her cupcake shop by creating premium pet treats. Customize your bistro’s decor and craft culinary creations sure to please man’s best friend. Featuring over 50 levels and over 60 real recipes!



Reload is one of the first non-violent tactical shooting simulators ever created. Focusing on the experience of professional shooting, there is none of the blood and violence usually involved in first-person shooters. Instead, players are put in the boots of exhibition shooters, soldiers, and law enforcement officials. Shoot in locations ranging from the skeet range and police houses to a moving coast guard helicopter and army Humvee.


Puzzle Expedition

Control two characters, working together as a team to move stones and create pathways through more than 100 challenging levels. Collect clues among the ruins and solve puzzles to lead them through their expedition.