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Two Creature Studios

Location: UK, established in 2012
Published Titles: 1
Platforms: Mobile
Genres: Adventure, Simulation, Casual game, Sports game
Engines: Unity

Two Creature Studios was formed by former members of Realtime Worlds and Irrational Games who are responsible for the BAFTA award-winning games Crackdown, Bioshock, and Bioshock 2. The core team has over 80 titles under their belt and are using their experience to develop new and original games that stand out from the crowd.

Recent News

Cuckoo Corner (Recently Announced)

In this virtual pet simulation, you get to hatch and raise your very own Cuckoo bird, complete with its own unique look and personality. Feed your Cuckoo dozens of food options and discover its favorite dish. Play with a wide variety of toys, including cars, tricycles, and helicopters. In addition, groom your Cuckoo and decorate its birdhouse, all to assure your Cuckoo grows up healthy, happy, and strong.


Flunk & Dunk’s Moops

Take command of pest controllers Flunk & Dunk as they rid the peaceful town of Moopville of a critter infestation. From green plateaus to a vibrant metropolis, Moops offers a full 3D world with over 18 levels and 5 mini-games. Compete against friends and unlock achievements, weapons, and costumes as the duo tackle the infestation and uncover the mystery of their origin.