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World-LooM Games

Location: Poland, established in 2008
Published Titles: 15+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
Customers: Big Fish Games, GameHouse, Intenium, and more
Genres: Casual game, HOPA, Time Management Game
Engines: Spark, Unity
Links: Company Overview

World-Loom has developed over a dozen premium, story-driven time management & HOPA games from their Warsaw, Poland studio since 2008. They are a cohesive team of designers, artists, and programmers creating games with focused and engaging storylines.

Recent News

Lost Grimoires: Stolen Kingdom

An alchemist’s apprentice returns home from university to study under a great master. Things go awry when she revisits her family home, where dark secrets and the mystery of her parents’ disappearance lie buried. Solve creative and engaging puzzles across 30 breathtaking, hand-drawn locations, with a robust alchemy system, secrets galore, and captivating hidden object scenes!


Amaranthine Voyage: The Orb of Purity

The harmonium research facility had a breakthrough and successfully opened a portal to an alien world! Stunningly, a creature from another world falls through the portal begging for help to save his world. Can you save the alien’s life and uncover the mysteries of the dark harmonium? Solve puzzles, find hidden objects, and use power of harmonium to end the conflict and save the his world from destruction!


Off the Record: Liberty Stone

Fresh into your easy assignment covering a beauty pageant in paradise, the famous Liberty Stone - to be worn by the pageant winner - goes missing and you're a prime suspect! Uncover the clues surrounding two rival families through fresh, innovative puzzles in this intriguing hidden-object puzzle adventure game. [maxgallery id="6369"]...

Off the Record: The Art of Deception

A lost masterpiece has been found and have the unique opportunity to talk to the restoration artist. When you arrive at her house, though, she runs away with no explanation. Dive into a gorgeous, artistic world, decipher the secrets, collect souvenirs and letters, save her life, and unlock the secrets of the masterpiece!


Gardens Inc. 3 – Bridal Pursuit

Getting married in style is expensive! To pay for their lavish dreams Jill and Mike need to expand their business to Europe, pronto! While in Europe their wedding rings, invaluable family heirlooms, are stolen. Will you be able to catch the thief and earn enough money for their wedding? Join Jill and Mike on a journey through Europe and into the darker parts of Jill’s past.