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Location: India, established in 2007
Services: 2D Art Assets, 3D Art Assets
Types of Assets: 2D & Illustration, Characters, Concepts, Environments, Vehicles
Published Titles: 4+
Platforms: PC, Android, iOS
Customers: Ubisoft, Disney, LeapFrog, ngmoco, Gearbox, and more
Engines: Unity, Unreal
Links: Company Profile, 3D Assets & Environments, 3D Characters, Concept Art, Games Resume, Mobile Art

Zatun is a bleeding edge, innovative, and engaging smart-phone and cross-platform game developer and game art studio. Since 2007 Zatun has offered quality external game art production services for all platforms and full development services for iOS and Android. The experienced team has worked with hundreds of top game developers, publishers and one-man-band operations from around the world and delivered hit titles like Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon, PanzerCorps, Aliens, Igor, We Rule and many more.

Recent News

Sniper Rust VR

Sniper Rust VR drops players in battlefields around the globe with a simple imperative: get them before they get you. Eliminate enemy soldiers, bosses, and choppers with a plethora of lethal firearms! Aim and fire different long-range rifles, use unique tactics to prevent guards from sounding alarms or enemy snipers from beating you to the...