Types of Asset: Audio

Timber Soundscapes

Timber Soundscapes sits at the apex of the tallest tree in the audio forest, where the artistry of world class audio design intersects with world class audio engineering. Immersive 3D audio, in regular gaming, VR and AR applications, differentiates the good from the great, and the great from the unforgettable. If you want your users to feel like they could almost play your game with their eyes closed, then we can help you achieve that unforgettable experience for them. At Timber Soundscapes we build our own 3D audio tools. ​Our core product is the Timber Soundscapes 3D audio engine with our unique ‘cinematic filter technology’, which makes it possible to position any sound accurately in a 3D space using binaural technology. Our engine is designed to easily expand in any direction, so we can tailor our engine to your specific needs.


Digital Arrow

Digital Arrow is an Art and Audio Outsourcing and Game Development company that produces games for PC, console, and mobile platforms. We are an entirely employee-owned company with the aim of connecting the best, flexible development philosophies with serious professional experience, and to produce games using the latest tier of technology. We seek new ways to explore the gaming medium with open development, and strive to set a new bar for distributed development and gameplay experiences.