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The Under the Hat series of articles by FOG CEO Ed Dille are our just one of our ways of returning value and expertise to the game development, licensing and publishing community worldwide. We hope that you find these insights useful and we welcome your comments and discussion.

Publisher Cycles and The Economic Downturn

In the current economic climate, we are bombarded with numbers at every turn. And with the exception of declining oil prices, it is difficult to find something in the media to get excited about.


Attracting & Retaining Better Employees

Because we are a business development-oriented organization, I spend a lot of time in this column — and with my clients — discussing how to get and retain better customers. This month, however, we are going to be a little more introspective and talk about how to attract and retain better employees.


Preparing To Negotiate

Negotiation is part of our daily lives. Whether we are dealing with customers, co-workers, or our own families, it all comes down to ensuring that your needs are met in a manner that is fair to all involved.