24 09, 2014

BioGamerGirl reviews Vampire Tribunals

2014-09-24T15:36:10-04:00September 24th, 2014|Categories: Client News|

BioGamerGirl's recent review of Vampire Tribunals, from FOG client Raincrow Studios, gushes "If you have been looking for a terrifying adventure into the world of the supernatural, then look no further than Vampire Tribunals."

18 12, 2013

Armies & Ants Named Among Best Of 2013

2013-12-18T14:59:20-04:00December 18th, 2013|Categories: Client News|

Armies And Ants has been selected as one of the BEST Games of 2013 from Latin America on the App Store. The list encompasses releases from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela.

28 11, 2013

Core Values will Carry You through Tough Times

2018-12-13T13:21:41-04:00November 28th, 2013|Categories: Under the Hat|

Most people who have been in the games industry a long time like I have would call 2008-2012 the most difficult time most folks have faced in our history, eclipsing even the fabled crash of 1983. Others would ask how could that view be possible when the market as a [...]

16 11, 2013

FOG at Brasil Games Show 2013

2018-12-07T19:05:14-04:00November 16th, 2013|Categories: Trade Shows|

Ed and Christi recently got back from the Brasil Game Show where they had the chance to meet with lots of talented development studios. Definitely an up and coming market for independent developer talent! For those of you who didn’t make the flight, here is a peek at the show [...]

6 11, 2013

Interview with Steve Fawkner

2013-11-06T19:48:35-04:00November 6th, 2013|Categories: Client News|

Richard Moss from Polygon recently published his interview with Infinite Interactive CEO Steve Fawkner. In it, Steve recounts the creation of the Warlords and Puzzle Quest series and gives insight to his creative process.

3 10, 2013

Team6 Mobile Project MONSTER JAM Officially Announced

2013-10-03T14:29:07-04:00October 3rd, 2013|Categories: Client News|

Team6 Game Studios has teamed up with GameMill and Feld Entertainment to develop fast-paced mobile game using the Monster Jam brand, scheduled for release to mobile devices in early 2014. The game will include Monster Jam's familiar events and famous monster trucks, including Grave Digger, El Toro Loco, and Monster [...]

1 01, 2009

Publisher Cycles and The Economic Downturn

2018-12-13T13:21:03-04:00January 1st, 2009|Categories: Under the Hat|

In the current economic climate, we are bombarded with numbers at every turn. And with the exception of declining oil prices, it is difficult to find something in the media to get excited about. Every day for the last quarter of 2008 we heard of studio closings, layoffs, and reduced [...]