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Game Development Services

FOG’s boutique roster of clients serves as a one-stop shop to anyone looking for new titles, experienced work for hire teams, or proven service provider teams for their outsourcing needs. We have teams that can deliver on all platforms, from mobile to console. Our decades of diligence, expertise, and ingenuity have developed hundreds of long-term repeat business relationships.

  • Constant and direct access to over 1500 trusted, reliable development and outsourcing professionals worldwide. All contracts are directly between our clients and you.

  • Smooth and efficient RFP process. Give our clients a chance to compete for your business and you will get back strong, actionable proposals which meet your demands.

  • Streamlined negotiation and contract process.

  • Professionals who listen to your needs and provide timely responses and appropriate solutions for your consideration
  • Trusted, reliable outsourcing partners

“It’s like going to a candy store.”

    -John Sutyak, Head of New Business, Atari

“Ever present, on point and always a pleasure to talk to, Ed Dille and his team at FOG make my work much easier as publisher on the lookout for the next great game. They’re a straight shooting team – a rare trait in the industry today – that help things move forward at a steady clip.”

    -Shams Jorjani, VP Business Development, Paradox

“FOG Studios has time and again proven their professionalism and passion in everything they do. The team has made it a priority to pair reliable and talented developers with publishing partners for their mutual benefit. We highly value and recommend FOG Studios’ insights, experience, and commitment!”

    -Jennie Sue, Developer Relations, DeNA

“From a publisher’s perspective, it’s super refreshing to work with an agency like FOG that puts the needs of a project first, and understands all the places where things can go off the rails from both the publisher and the developer’s perspective. Ed is the best game agent I have ever worked with and you can count on him to come up with creative and effective solutions to whatever challenges you are facing. Also, should anything unplanned occur during development, Ed and his team are there to mediate a fair and equitable solution for all parties. I can’t recommend a better solution to any independent development studio, irrespective of their level of history and experience in the industry, than working with FOG Studios.”

    -Joel Breton, VP VR Content, HTC Vive

“Ed Dille and FOG team are always a pleasure to work with. They make even the toughest business situations much easier to resolve & ensure a smooth process from the very beginning of the relationship. I do recommend FOG Studios as your partner agency, especially if you value productive & smooth long-term partnerships. Not that common a thing in our industry!”

    -Andrew Chan, Head of Development, Wargaming.net

“FOG Studios has connected us to talented and competent contractors and been especially helpful in mediating those relationships through sometimes difficult linguistic and cultural barriers. As an independent game developer and publisher being able to find and develop long term relationships with quality contractors that fill the gaps in our capabilities is essential to ensuring a quality product.”

    -Tim Shannon, Producer, S2 Games

“The FOG Studios team came up with several outstanding development options for us in just a few days. They helped drive the right developer selection with a very open mind and they really listened to our needs….outstanding!!”

    -Mark Meadows – Principal, GameMill Entertainment

“FOG’s talent pool really stands out from the rest. I would not consider working with any other agency. They have impressed our Licensor partners like Cabelas and Hasbro as well.”

    -Pat Kelly, Producer, Activision

“I’ve known Ed for many years and worked closely with him from 2007-2016. Ed works incredibly hard for his clients and has a great team of people working with him at Fog Studios. He knows the video game industry from every angle and because of this knowledge and depth of experience he is able to walk the line of pushing hard for the best deal he can get for his development clients while also knowing what is important to the other party. Over the course of many negotiations Ed became a person whose opinion and insight I sought out about things unrelated to our own business together. I hope I have many more opportunities to work with Ed in the future.”

    -Bill Anker, VP Business Development & Licensing, D3Publisher

“FOG Studios has been accommodating to our needs in finding the right titles to add to our lineup. They make great efforts in understanding our budgets and types of titles we are looking for. We intend to continue our relationship with FOG Studios as a valued partner in our process of evaluating future titles.”

    -Akibo Shieh, Founder and CEO, Aksys Games

“With the increasing number of outsourcing companies worldwide, it is difficult to find the right 3rd party vendor to suit a project’s needs. FOG Studios makes the whole process easier with their expertise, knowledge and connections. With their help, our vendor selection has been a breeze and through their introduction and guidance, the communication with the new team has run smooth from day one. I would recommend them to any studio looking for the right match for a successful outsource collaboration.”

    -Alexandra Cicorschi, Art Outsource Producer, Ready At Dawn

“FOG is unlike any agency I have ever dealt with because they really do care about the needs of the project, not just their client, and they are eminently fair, and great folks to boot. They have my utmost respect.”

    -Brian Christian, VP Konami

“The FOG Studios staff is very personable, has high integrity and brings good value to the relationships that they establish.”

    -Glenn Wissner, Senior Producer, Sega of America

“FOG Studios provided a focused effort to understand Activision’s needs and proposed good solutions for each situation. They are a reliable partner who tended to our needs throughout the project and beyond. Based on this experience, I highly recommend FOG and look forward to working with them again!”

    -Tomas Roller, Producer, Activision

Business Development Services

We exclusively represent a select number of clients worldwide and grow their businesses for long term success. We market and position our clients’ services to potential buyers, help license supporting IP, find funding and distribution partners to take product to market, do all contract negotiation and redline management, support projects in development, and manage collections and royalty streams. Unlike sales reps, we don’t leave once the job starts. Our role throughout development is to nurture that buyer, make them happy, and deliver repeat business opportunities.

  • Exclusive access to requests for proposal from hundreds of repeat business buyers
  • Market intelligence on what buyers are looking for based on relationships, not data analysis
  • Best practices on how to pitch, manage due diligence, and ultimately win the business
  • Established negotiation history, offering more favorable terms and conditions than a boilerplate
  • Opportunities to bid on projects ranging from small outsourcing contracts to large AAA console projects
  • Trade show representation and meeting management
  • Expert guidance through potential Mergers and Acquisitions

“Often, I regret not having met FOG earlier. They have all the contacts, all the connections, all the expertise you could ever need: And every decade they get better and better at what they do. They are the very best there are.”

    -Ronnie Nelis, CEO, Team6 Game Studios BV

“I can’t believe how much I learned in just the first few months of working with FOG.”

    -Andrew Lum, CEO, Fugazo

“I had worked with FOG at my former company as an employee, so had seen what they could do previously. When I founded my company five years ago, I sought them out and it has been fabulous, both personally and professionally. I continue to grow as a CEO thanks to them.”

    -Vedran Klanac, CEO, Ocean Media

“FOG Studios has represented my company for over a decade now. They have been instrumental in closing great deals for us, including all of the Puzzle Quest products. Ed and his team are, at the same time, both extremely professional and extremely approachable – a true pleasure to work with.”

    -Steve Fawkner, CEO Infinite Interactive

“For a studio trying to cut its figure in this space, FOG delivered us credibility and guidance that was critical. They became our champions on the business development front so we could focus on what we do best: designing products. They continuously delivered us those moments of opportunity and helped prepare us to enter every room with full confidence. It’s a high-character crew that leads with hard-earned wisdom.”

    -Travis Fox, Chief Creative Officer, Raincrow Studios

Our Clients

Adamastor Studio
Porto, Portugal
Established 2018
Full Development, Console & VR

Adamastor Studio

Adamastor Studio is a company focused in the development of video games, gamification and digital content for a wide range of platforms such as consoles, PC and mobile. They are currently dedicated to the VR technology, by partnering with Sony for the development of VRock, an immersive music rhythm VR game, winner of the Portuguese Playstation Talents in 2016.

BlackHouse Logo
São Paulo, Brazil
Established 2009
Outsourcing, Game Development, 3D Animation for cinematics & trailers, Motion capture


BlackHouse is a content creation company, focused on 3D animations, high end games and apps. With more than 10 years of existence and passionate professionals, BlackHouse always aim cutting edge technologies to solve problems and deliver the best products / services as possible, from full body motion capture to photogrammetry technologies, putting the techniques beyond the limits.

CG-Art Creation JSC
Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi, Vietnam
Established 2015
Art Outsourcing, Full Game Development (mobile), VR/AR/MR Game/application development

CG-Art Creation JSC

We are a team of young designers, artists and developers who have the knowledge, skills and experience in game/art production field. We always try to provide solutions with high customization ability and adapt to customer’s various needs: game/movie art, animation, game development, VFX..in various engines or platform. As we are based in Vietnam, we have some of the most competitive rates in the industry and can work alongside the creative leads to review our work day by day.

Vancouver, CA
Established 2013
Art Outsourcing


A talented team of 50 artists well versed in top industry tools including Maya, Max, Zbrush, and Photoshop, providing top-notch 2D and 3D game art and animation with an emphasis on environment modeling. Headquartered in Vancouver and with satellite studios in Tokyo and China, DecVan provides cost effective, high-quality imagery for any project.

San Francisco, USA
Established 2000
Licensing Solutions

Dimensional Branding Group

Focused on licensing, business development, and promotion for strategic offerings that drive revenue and strengthen brands. DBG’s portfolio includes hit IPs Temple Run, Skee-Ball, Jenga, Diner Dash, and Deer Hunter and they’ve worked with global publishers including Sony, Miniclip, Social Gaming Network, and Scopely.

DBG has been a strategic licensing partner of FOG for over a decade, with FOG exclusively handling interactive rights associated with DBG’s properties.

Los Angeles, USA
Established 2008
Full Development, Console & VR

Game Mechanic Studios

The Founders and Team Leads have worked on some of the most iconic franchises in the history of gaming, including Command & Conquer, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, and God of War. The veteran team also has extensive experience satisfying demanding licensors on iconic properties like James Bond, Transformers, Star Trek, and Paranormal Activity. They are consistently ahead of the curve, offering top-tier VR development services in addition to traditional console.

Chicago, USA
Established 2016
eSports Tournament Hosting


Their platform offers eSports play to the masses, with custom events and tournaments catering to gamers of all skill levels and livestreamed for a global audience via Twitch. By livestreaming all entries, they create an army of Twitch influencers out of existing everyday players, allowing them to compete at their leisure and come back for more, day after day. The resulting exposure drives long-term retention, increasing visibility and leading to greater LTV for your game.

Game Cloud Network
Murrieta, CA
Established 2010
Full development, F2P, VR / AR / MR, UI/UX

Game Cloud Network

GCN is building the largest brand engagement network in the world to connect brands, consumers, and influencers through games. The company’s platform allows brands to connect with and monetize a highly targeted audience through a network of different consumer video games. The result is a revolutionary and cost-effective way to authentically engage consumers in the fastest growing medium on the planet.

Košice, Slovakia
Established 2008
Full Development, Console

Games Farm

Founded in the ashes of former development studios 3D People, Games Farm has established a flexible team of 20+ people. This veteran team possesses decades of experience offering full game development services on AAA and AA titles for next gen console, PC, and handheld platforms. Their long list of successes include the Air Conflicts flight simulation series and the isometric RPG series Heretic Kingdoms, among others.

Gunpowder Games Logo
Costa Mesa, CA
Established 2015
Full Development

Gunpowder Games

Gunpowder Games was founded in 2015 by veteran development director Blaine Smith to create high quality video game entertainment for PC and console. Gunpowder Games develops games utilizing an entirely remote, self-funded, veteran team with foresight, ambition and determination. Gunpowder Games wields incredible developer talent that has worked at Blizzard, Riot, Relic, Amazon, High Moon and many other great studios.

Ironbelly Studios
Montreal, Canada
Established 2009
Turnkey Solutions, Art and Design Outsourcing, Unreal and Unity Programming & Development

Ironbelly Studios

Ironbelly Studios is comprised of over 50 talented, passionate and dedicated game developers and artists located across North America and Europe. From our main office in Montreal, we create and deliver high-quality multimedia and interactive experiences as well as providing outsourcing development and art services to the games industry.

Kung Fu Factory
Los Angeles, CA
Established 2006
Full development, 2D/3D art, UI/UX

Kung Fu Factory

Kung Fu Factory is a leading video game and entertainment developer. Founded in 2006, Kung Fu Factory develops and publishes best-in-class AAA mobile games including its latest releases, Hotel Transylvania Blast, and Lego Hidden Side. Kung Fu Factory provides full stack engineering, 2D/3D art, UI/UX, game design, live ops, analytics, marketing, user acquisition, quality assurance, and community management for games that reach 10’s of millions of players.

Treasure Island, USA
Established 2009
Art Outsourcing

Limited Slip Studios

A top tier creative group in support of digital, interactive, game, mobile and emerging sectors. They have contributed art outsourcing and animation services to over 50 IPs and offer R&D, design, production and tech, and in-game animation. Limited Slip offers character pipeline from concept to implementation entirely in your engine, done with style and gusto.

Meddling Kids
Established 2018
Full development

Meddling Kids

Meddling Kids is an award-winning virtual studio founded by Lee Perez & Eric Apple. Lee has shipped 15+ PC/Console/Mobile games since 2007. They are currently working on TrickShot, a fast-paced, skate-trick multiplayer shooter where players dodge bullets and take out opponents as they skate ramps, grind, parkour, complete tricks, and kills for the most points to win. Pick between Hoverskates or Hoverboards.

New Man Games
Southeast of England, United KingdomEstablished 2018Full Game Development

New Man Games

Matthew Nagy, renowned designer of the Die Hard and Alien trilogies on Playstation returns with a reimaging of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Homes. Dark Sherlock is set in steampunk Victorian England, where Sherlock’s powers of deduction are combined with a penchant of crazy inventions, puzzle solving and tactical base stealth gameplay.

Zaprešić, Croatia
Established 2006
Full Development

Ocean Media

One of the leading developers in Central Europe, with deep experience in casual and indie genres. Established by Vedran Klanac, lead physics engineer on AAA first person shooter project Serious Sam 2. Ocean Media has shipped over 40 titles as work for hire for top publishers and over 150 SKUs worldwide.

Londrina, Brazil
Established 2009
Live Ops, Full Development

Oktagon Games

Established F2P experts specializing in front and back end live ops services, having replaced full teams for D3P, 505, and Gamebau, among others. They have a proven track record of reducing headcount and cost per head while increasing monetization, improving ROI, and extending the lifecycle of new and mature games. They design F2P games from the ground up with specific long-term plans for expanded content updates and events, driven by in-house KPIs and data analysis.

Charlottesville, USA
Established 2011
Location-based mobile development

Raincrow Games

Specializing in location-based games built on a foundation of strategy, innovative design, and storytelling. Raincrow’s flagship title, Covens, was named a Top 10 Indie Title at the 2017 Google Indie Festival and aims to shape the future of social and augmented reality mobile gaming while telling a deep tale of magic and witchcraft.

SuperNatural Studios
Vancouver, Canada and San Diego
Established 2019
Full development

SuperNatural Studios

The Founders of SuperNatural Game Studios defined the Action Sports game category for a generation with multiple 90+ Metacritic rated games and tens of millions of unit sales. Most notably, they created the SSX franchise and personally designed and developed the first three installments, which won 6 D.I.C.E. Awards including Best Console Game, Best Racing Game, Best Sports Game and Best Action Sports Game.

Assen, Netherlands
Established 2001
Full Development

Team6 Studios

Licensed developers for console, handhelds, and mobile platforms, specializing in realistic and fantasy racing games. Team6 has successfully developed for iconic licenses including Monster Jam and Uphill Rush, achieving #1 hits in over 100 countries and winning recognition for exceptional economic achievement, making key strategic decisions to achieve optimal returns.

London, UK
Established 2018
Full Game Development

Utopian Game Labs

Utopian Game Labs (UGL) is a spin off of an established Video Game Publishing and Development Studio in London with 30+ years’ experience in game development. The UGL team has been responsible for many high-profile, profitable games including; ‘Scooby Doo’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Starpoint Gemini 2’. Their current development focus is Operation Sea Lion, a WWII based tactical stealth game in the tradition of Commandos.

VZ Games
Riga, Latvia
Established 2017
Full Development

VZ Games

VZ Games is a blockchain gaming studio that is attempting to reinvent the gamer’s experience through the ‘Play-to-Earn’ game model. The studio was founded by two childhood friends back in 2017, and its first title ‘Hash Rush’ has become one of the flagships of blockchain gaming.

Ahmedabad, India
Established 2007
Art Outsourcing


A bleeding edge, innovative, and engaging cross-platform developer and game art studio. Zatun offers quality external game art production services, competitive pricing, and experience, collaborating on 200+ titles with hundreds of top game developers and publishers including 2K, Wargaming, and Ubisoft.

Zvky Design Studio
Bengaluru, India
Established 2009
Art Outsourcing, Game Development

Zvky Design Studio

ZVKY is a game art studio and development powerhouse based in the silicon valley of India. We are a team of talented juggernauts in art, animation, design, and development contributed to over 150+ games and apps in the last 9 years. We specialize in augmenting and helping realize our client’s vision from inception to a high-quality product.

FOG Studios is the top video game agency in the world numerically, statistically and chronologically.


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In our 40 year history we have mentored over 500 development studios, launching or sustaining the careers of thousands of game development, publishing, and licensing professionals on six continents.


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